Speech by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Western Armenia Lidia Markosyan:

Dear President of Western Armenia!

Mr. Ambassador of the Republic of Armenia

Worthy Father Gusan

Mr. Consul General

Mr. Vardan Srmakesh

Chairman of the church parish Onik Kazanjyan

Our compatriots and friends of the Republic of Armenia.

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the St. Hakob  parish fair of the Armenian Apostolic Church, we present to you the world-famous tenor Maestro Vahram Tadevosyan.

His lauded Armenian voice, belcanto (Italian singing style) adorn international stages and Opera Houses. His voice reacts and takes us into the depths of the culture of the Armenian people of Western Armenia, which has a thousand-year old history.

We are all children of Western Armenia, Maestro Vanno Tadeo is an honorary citizen of the Spanish city of Valencia, the Italian city of Genoa and Western Armenia.

Recently, he, along with other awards, was awarded the title of Artist of the year in the field of singing in the Russian Federation in 2020.

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