YEREVAN, 29 YUNE, ARMENPRESS. The Parish Council of the St. Jacob Armenian Apostolic Church of Switzerland was formed On June 21, after the Sunday Mass, the Annual General Assembly took place in the St. Jacob Armenian Apostolic Church of Geneva and Leman Region. As reports Armenpress, the main agendawas to elect a new Parish Council, as well as examine the activities’ report of the outgoing Council. Despite the tensions that have previously arisen in the Swiss­Armenian Community concerning the administration of the Church, in the past three years the outgoing Council has put in tremendous efforts to bring the community life back into the normal track and gather the community around the Church once again. Appointed as spiritual leader of the community one and half years ago, Rev. Father Goossan Aljanian has played a significant role in this reconciliation process. By organizing several successful events, attracting donations and regularly charging annual membership fees, the Council has recovered also the economic state of the Parish, passinga significant surplus budget to the incoming team. The Annual General Meeting took place in an environment of constructive discussions, in the Community Hall filled with Armenians of different roots and origins. The senior members reminded about the difficulties and divisions the Community has faced, when even the belonging of the Church and the Community Center to the authority of the Armenian Apostolic Church was being challenged. Fortunately, the Community is currently in the phase of peaceful development, while the doors of the Church are open for all the Armenians of the region, whose presence and active participation on the community life is highly desired. An open call was made to all those, who due to past tensions are not participating in the organizational works of the community, to rejoin their compatriots under the roof of the Church and redouble efforts towards the prosperity of the Swiss­Armenian community. The Parish Council that was formed during the Assembly is more inclusive than the previous one. Young members are included along those with rich communal administration experience; Armenians from Istanbul living in Geneva for decades share the seats with newcomers from Armenia and Syria, and even an Armenian from Dersim, whose large family has recently returned to their Armenian roots through the Holy Baptism. Overall, the participants qualified the Assembly as productive. The maximum was done to secure democracy and diversity of opinions in the newly elected communal executive body․