The MIRAN company was established in 1922 by Miran Kourounlian, who created a small unit of pastourma and soutzouki production for the good service of some devotee friends of his. The quality of the good pastourma and soutzouki was spread all over the country. The quality and the unique taste of the Miran’s products became a way of life for the lovers of the kind.
1950 was a determinant year for the company’s future. An exemplar factory for the production of traditional products was created. In that way the distribution of the MIRAN products begins in all the country areas even in the most far away. In 1960 Bedros, the founder’s son takes over the company, and he increases the gamut of the products and enforces the company’s presence in North Greece. In 1983 the factory expands and a unit in an area of 1300 m2 is created, where the two main products of the company, pastourma and soutzouki, are produced massively. The MIRAN firm becomes similar to quality and tradition.
In 1994 the company is being transferred in the hands of the two Bedros’s sons, Miran and Krikor, who upgrade the present distribution center of products, fully educate the staff, computerize the accounts department, and the most important thing, they manage to obtain an export code of the products in the European Union and the third countries. Today the MIRAN company is the biggest in her kind in whole Europe.