Western Armenia – On November 16, 2021, during the actions of Vardenis and Jermuk, Western Armenia announced a general mobilization, and today we see that clashes have resumed on the frontline, especially in Gegharkunik Region.

November 22, 2021 marked the 101st anniversary of the arbitration decision of President Woodrow Wilson, which officially established the border between Western Armenia and Turkey.

This anniversary was widely covered in the Armenian media, although just a few years ago, long before the Second Artsakh War, this issue did not cause such a big fuss in Yerevan.

As for the Armenians outside Armenia, they are in a more than delicate situation, since most of them still do not know what is being discussed, since Armenian political structures also political experts outside Armenia for decades, even before the creation of the National Council of Western Armenia, denied the existence of this Arbitration Award and neutralized any claims and reparations in this sense after the Political Resolution on the Armenian issue of June 18, 1987.

    An example of it, there is an article published today, in which there is not a word about the arbitration decision of President Wilson ( https://bit.ly/3xsQDOS) , however, it is proposed in 1990 to present demands to the Republic of Armenia (which, according to the Constitution, does not want this) instead of the Republic of Armenia of 1920, which has no legitimacy.

    It can be noted here that ASALA was then the only armed organization claiming the territory of Western Armenia, based on a map that includes the border of Western Armenia with Turkey.

    Today, the problem is as follows: At the initiative of some political figures in Yerevan who deny the existence of Western Armenia occupied by the Turks, the arbitration decision is presented as the agenda of the Republic of Armenia, formed in 1990.

If we follow the chronology of events, then this new, former Soviet republic of 1990 has nothing to do with the Republic of Armenia of 1920, which is formed from the territory of Western Armenia and demands compensation for the  Genocide of Armenian people and war crimes on the basis of the Treaty of Sevres.

    Moreover, from a legal point of view, this is wrong, since the State cannot be recognized twice by other States. It is for this reason that Artsakh was not recognized as part of the Republic of Armenia in 1990, since Artsakh has always been and will be part of the Republic of Armenia in 1920.

    On the other hand, at the political level, the fact that all political forces in Armenia are united in the opinion that the arbitration decision of the 28th US President, which defines the border between Western Armenia and Turkey, is an inalienable and indisputable legal act, is highly appreciated.

    The implementation of this decision requires a solid legal basis, and only Western Armenia, which is under Turkish occupation, is the custodian of this decision in 1920. The successor State of the Republic of Armenia.

    The Armenian people, to whom this applies directly, should rally in defense of the rights of Western Armenia and Artsakh around the power of Western Armenia.

    The attitude of the people to the existence of their state  of Western Armenia – a clear denial in all respects – has dramatic consequences.

When will awareness increase?