Monte Melqonyan came to Armenia at a time when the Artsakh liberation struggle had already begun. In 1991, after his release from prison, Monte came to Yerevan, worked at the Academy of Sciences for seven months in order to write and publish the book “Armenia and Neighbors”. Here he adopted the pseudonym Avo and in September 1991 went to Artsakh.    After several heavy battles, in January 1992 Monte was assigned the duties of commander of the Self-Defense Forces of the Martuni Region, Martuni became the most protected and combat-ready region. In March-April 1993, Karvachar and Omar Mountain Pass were liberated under his leadership. “If we lose Artsakh, we will turn over the last page of Armenian history,” Monte’s words sounded like a call to alertness for frontline soldiers and for the entire Armenian people.

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