The Machkalashen community of the Martuni Region of Artsakh has 415 inhabitants.

About this in an interview with a correspondent “Artsakhpress” said the head of the Machkalashen community Lernik Avanesyan. “After the war, 5 families settled in the village.

These families received food and hygiene supplies for several months. Another 15 families can take in our village. The school building was renovated in 2016 there are 57 students studying here. The kindergarten has 24 pupils. There is a medical center in the village, and the celebration hall has been renovated, the club is in an emergency condition.

Part of the rural roads are covered with a slab, the other part should be done. The village is gasified, supplied with electricity, and a round-the-clock water supply. The villagers are mainly engaged in agriculture, cattle breeding, processing of vegetable crops,” the head of the community said.

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