During the Azerbaijani aggression, the quantitative and qualitative difference between the weapons of Armenia and Azerbaijan was incomparable. Azerbaijan used state-of-the-art equipment, including strike, drones, missiles and fighter jets.

Victories during the war were presented mainly through video recordings. The Artsakh Defence Army started filming with drones towards the end of the aggression,while Azerbaijani forces used drones from the first days, and they actively used them to obtain intelligence and to strike. However, drones were not the only ones that were used to monitor Artsakh.

Azerbaijan heavily used satellites to monitor Armenia and Artsakh, to get accurate coordinates.

Shushi, Image by Azersky

The Azerbaijani Ministry of Communication and Information established the satellite facility Azercosmos in 2010 for telecommunications.

Azerbaijan has three satellites:

1- Azerspace-1, which covered Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia and the Caucasus, its purpose is to broadcast radio and television.

2- Azerspace-2, launched in 2018 and it is for radio and television broadcast too.

3- Spot7 later Azersky, launched in 2014, and it is for Earth Observations.

Vardenis-Martakert road, image Azersky

What is Azersky?

The Azerbaijani Azersky satellite is designed for earth observations.

Azercosmos satellite company has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the French company Airbus Defence System to buy and operate the Spot 7 satellite.

According to the agreement, the cooperation between them, brings joint operation of Azerbaijani Azersky and French Spot-6 satellites and joint production of high-quality satellite imagery, which it means that they can monitor any part of the world.

Dan Radu, General Commercial Director of Azercosmos, confirmed it Apr 5, 2017 .

Both satellites, Spot-6 and Azersky can cover ​​6 million square kilometres per day, which is about 201 times more than the territory of Armenia. The contract states that the French and the Azerbaijani process the data and transfer it to each other, train specialists and exchange skills.

Lachin, image by Azersky

The satellite can monitor the territory of Armenia and Artsakh every day. The two satellites can create topographic maps at a scale of 1: 25000, They can observe even in foggy weather, and they can produce digital terrain models with 5 to 10 meters accuracy. During and before the war, Azerbaijan observed Armenia and Artsakh, got the coordinates and targets.

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