We present the history of the photo taken from the book “100 photo stories about the Genocide of Armenian people”. 

The picture shows an episode of the deportation of the Armenians of Karin in Western Armenia near the village of Sushehir. The photo was taken by Austrian biologist Viktor Pichman.

By the order of the German government, from 1914 until the end of World War I, Pitchman organized Turkish mountain riflemen-military units, while mapping military operations in the Middle East for the German General Staff. Traveling on the territory of Western Armenia, he managed to photograph the scene of the deportation of Armenians. 

In the photos taken by V. Pichman, there are no men visible in the deportation cars, only women and children. Most of the Armenian men have already been killed. The deportation of the Armenian population of Karin began in July 1915.

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