A year has passed since Azerbaijan’s aggression against Artsakh, unleashed with the military support of Turkey. Over time, the veil over the consequences of this war is refugees, annexation of territories by Azerbaijan, assistance to the development of Artsakh and its status. 

Although the “emergency humanitarian” crisis was quickly resolved, however  structural, social and human problems are far from being solved, in particular, the integration of refugees in Artsakh who have become internally displaced people in their country. Our public organization “Yerkir” operating in Lyon has been present in Artsakh and Armenia since the First Artsakh War.

The Second War returned to the starting point, since from 1994 to 2015 all the villages we rebuilt in Artsakh were destroyed or handed over  to Azerbaijan’s control. The ancient city of Artsakh Tigranakert (Aghdam Region), the archaeological excavations of which we initiated in 2006, was handed over to Baku.

“After a 44-day war,” we decided to “lend a helping hand” to vulnerable people and focus on specific and stable projects.

The book activity  “Let’s have a walk” is mainly intended for children from Armenia and Artsakh who were affected by the war. The game approach is aimed at helping children to understand processes and feelings, and to develop interaction in a social and family context. https://www.payassociation.fr/yerkir/europe