On Western Armenia TV, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Azerbaijani scholar Grigori Ayvazyan presented in detail such important episodes of the origin and formation of the Azerbaijani state, the publication of which makes it clear that this state was created as a result of ethnic cleansing of different peoples living in this territory and the genocide carried out. According to the expert, as such, the Azerbaijani nation does not exist and, therefore, there can be no Azerbaijanis. 

Mr. Ayvazyan also touched upon Azerbaijan’s illegal seizure of Nakhichevan and most of Artsakh, noting that Azerbaijan cannot consider these territories its own, since this state considers itself the legal successor of the First Republic with its territorial borders, Nakhichevan and Artsakh were forcibly annexed to it during the Soviet period. Azerbaijan considered the Soviet period a period of occupation and rejected its existence, which means that it cannot delineate the borders of its country with the cartography of the Soviet period.