The Zildjian brand is officially recognized as the oldest family business in the USA. The Armenian tribe has been preparing musical cymbals for 400 years. The Turkish edition of Daily Sabah presented the heritage of the Zildjian family. 

The author Matt Henson, describing the exhibition to which he dedicated the article, writes: “One of the most impressive and stunning branches of art is the innovative work of Ege Kanar “The Pot”, which studies the art of plate making under the guidance of Armenians. Kanar found data on the Zildjian family in the Ottoman archives, and also found their early works.” 

The history of the famous brand Zildjian begins with the XVII century. In Constantinople lived the famous alchemist Kerobe-Avetis, who tried to get gold from a mixture of various metals. In the course of another experiment, he created a unique mixture: sheets of this material produced absolutely pure sounds. This is how the prototype of the modern musical cymbal was created. After a while, a musical instrument is in great demand.

It should be noted that during the Genocide of Armenian people, many members of the Zildjian family were forced to flee to the United States.