Every member of our great Western Armenian family abroad; children and grandchildren of exiles, they see pain and anxiety in the Turkish state. Some take the lead, lock themselves in their shell and rebel, and they are right. Others are more moderate, lean toward prudence, just in case, and they are right. Some climb the branches of the law, others hang from the kite of history, they are right too. Historians, religious and politicians are right, and as a lyrical and inveterate dreamer, I am also right, but we all run on the razor’s edge after a thousand different targets, trying to traverse together or separately a dense, aged nebula of It has been a hundred and six years since it has allowed us to visualize the imaginary lighthouse of the end of all hardships.

The most exasperated and impatient, perhaps the most realistic and reactionary, raise their voices precisely before a world distracted by its vagaries and that has literally lost its ability to listen.

We have acted as ambassadors without a portfolio of our roots and culture for one hundred and six years in exile, we have won the respect and appreciation of the whole world so that this peculiar world considers our problem and stands in solidarity with our demands for justice before it. Turkish state that not only perpetrated a shameful genocide against our people, but also erased the existence of the Armenian people from the minds of its population, being the authentic original people of the region.

As they were not satisfied with massacring one and a half million of our brothers, they committed another cultural genocide with the systematic destruction of our national heritage.

Today Turkish youth are surprised to hear about Armenians, they are practically unaware of them and reject the idea that their grandparents were, for the most part, genocidal. We all know that saying: “There is no better blind man than he does not want to see” But they, it is not that they do not want to see; they have gone blind. And the Turkish state denies its horrible past for fear that the heavens will fall upon it, including dishonor for its beloved national hero Ataturc Mustafa Kemal.

Some Turks, aware of the genocide of the Armenian people, cynically affirm that Ataturc recognized Taleat, Enver and other genocidal men as war criminals, but washed his hands like Pilate, since he had other occupations to solve, eliminate the tarbuch (Fez) by his tie.

I, from my humble makeshift platform, make my voice heard demanding that the Turkish State be held accountable for its acts against humanity and against our families. The genocide of the Armenians must not be unpunished. The Turkish people must recover their memory and know their true history, not the one that was sold to them by the Pharisees of Istanbul and Ankara. They must know that Ararat, the sacred mountain of the Armenians, does not belong to them, nor are the Armenian provinces usurped by their nation. They should also know that Turkey does not extend into Azerbaijan and that both Nejichevan and Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh) historically belong to the Armenian diaspora and their rightful owners with more than seven thousand years of existence in the region, and that the Soviet “omnipotence” , arbitrarily promised them to Azerbaijan. Turkey has to remember that the works of art exhibited in its museums were looted from other peoples, that its palaces were built by Armenians, including Hagia Sophia, the Great Basilica of Constantinople, disguised as a mosque and decorated by four minarets and; that its supposed Europeanisation is turning out to be a cheap parody. 

The Turkish state has to understand that the superiority of the races is nothing more than a myth and that priority religions do not exist; that killing a single person is a crime and eliminating a million and a half human beings is not a simple statistic but, a million and a half crimes, of Crimes! 

And that is a Genocide! 

A Genocide, against the whole humanity!

Respectfully spoke to you: Raymond Rupén Berberian


Poet of the stolen homeland

“We are going to change HISTORY …!”