The company “New Project ” has completed reconstruction work in the Central Park “Khas Bakhcha ” in Akhalkalak. But the park again does not look well-groomed and beautiful.

The company “New Project” carried out reconstruction work of the park in the amount of 279 thousand lari. According to the restoration project, the asphalt in the “Khas Bakhcha” park was to be replaced with tiles, as well as the fountain was to be repaired and sports facilities installed. The reconstruction work was supposed to last 3 months, but it lasted 7 months.

The company park has completed its business, but the work in the park has not been completed yet. It remains to complete the lighting and clear the territory. Both before the renovation and now there is no overall design in the park. The ” Khas Bakhcha ” park was last renovated in 2015. Akhalkalak’s Park is 140 years old, it was founded by Stepanos Ananikyan.