We present some information about the social and educational life in Western Armenia. Since the middle of the 19th century, the Armenian educational and social life of Marash has experienced significant progress. The economic life of the Marash Armenians is changing significantly, some privileges are being introduced, and changes are being made in public life. The Armenians of Marash, although slowly, are beginning to show more interest in studying and education. 

A higher school named “Lyceum” is opened near the Sarkis Church. The first priority was to illuminate the people. Libraries are being founded, audiences are being organized to illuminate the thoughts of the people through oral speech, sermons, the theater is taking its first steps, music, singing are included in the curricula, choirs are being composed.

 It is noteworthy that the formed organizations of the Armenians of Marash were mainly the result of a youth initiative. However, the Ottoman government does not appreciate any youth or other kind of group, regardless of the purpose. In particular, in the mid-1890s, during the years of increasing national pressure, persecution and arrests were not lacking.

This is the reason that all the educational manuals of the Marash Armenians mainly relate to the period of 1880-1895.