The Legislative Council of San Paolo, the greatest state of Brasilia, approved the Law on ”Recognising April 24 the remembrance day of the 1,5 million victims of the Genocide in 1915 ” . Thus the appellation of N 6468 decision on “Day of Solidarity with the Armenian People”, passed by the same Parliament on May 19, 1988, was re-edited.

The above Law, under which the fact for the Armenian Genocide is recognised, was passed unanimously: all the 94 MPs, representing various parties of Legislative Council, voted for it.

On April 24 unveiling of the Armenian memorial-khachkar, timed to the 88th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, presented by the Armenian Government to the Legislative Council, took place.

The memorial, whose author is Armenian sculptor Grigor Baghumyan, will symbolise the Armenian-Brazilian friendship.


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