The newspaper “Zhamanak”, published in Constantinople, is the oldest Armenian newspaper, which has been continuously published for 114 years. As the chief editor of the newspaper Ara Gochunyan notes, the newspaper administration wants to go in accordance with the modern information environment, and for this it is necessary to prepare, which also requires financial resources. The newspaper has an official website, as well as a presence on social networks. Part of the activity is also the publication of books. That is, it is not only a sheet, but also a multi-functional structure.

The newspaper covers in detail the events about the rights of the Armenians of occupied Western Armenia, relations with the state, and also publishes articles concerning the Republic of Armenia. For those who communicate in the Western Armenian language, the absence of the newspaper “Zhamanak” is a demoralizing circumstance, since for them it is a solid support in the field of the press.