Nubar Ozanian, a journalist of the Yeni Ozgur Politika newspaper in occupied Western Armenia, published an extensive article in which he touched upon the heroes who distinguished themselves by their patriotism and heroism in the liberation struggle of the Armenian people and left a mark in history, such as Akhbyur Serob, Andranik Ozanian, Gevorg Cavush, Sose Mayrik,  the immortal heroes of the Artsakh War Leonid Azgaldian and Monte Melkonian. 

Without distinguishing from each other, the journalist with special admiration emphasized the great Armenian soul that unites them all, which is impossible to defeat or bring to its knees and which is inherent only to real Armenian brave men. At the end of his article, the author quotes the words of Leonid Azgaldian: “I will die under the walls of Istanbul”.