Weapons, glove items and other materials found during the excavations of the mausoleum “Demer” in the village of Nerkin Getashen in the Gegharkunik Region of the Republic of Armenia were transferred to the GNO “Service for the Protection of the Historical Environment and Historical and Cultural Museums-Reserves”. 

According to the head of the archaeological expedition Ashot Piliposyan, excavations were carried out in more than 40 tombs. According to the archaeologist, the tombs dated from different periods-from the early period of the Middle Bronze Age to the era of widespread iron. That is, the tomb has been used periodically for about 1500 years. 

The archaeologist noted that since the third millennium BC, the Armenian Highlands have always been densely populated and the excavated material shows that Lake Sevan, the Ararat Valley, Bardzr Hayk and Lake Van were part of one historical and cultural community.