The Armenian General Benevolent Union – Swiss section organizes

Saturday, March 28, 2015 at 17:00

the Armenian Center of Geneva Hagop D. Topalian a conference – debate on

The Armenian Genocide and Western Armenia

With guests


President of the National Council of Western Armenia

Armen Sarkisyan TER-

President of the Parliament of Western Armenia

– The conference will showcase the new mechanisms for the recognition of

Armenian Genocide by various States, the Republic of Armenia and lately

by the European People’s Party in Brussels on the following declarative basis;

“The National Council of Western Armenia declares that the Armenian people suffered

of 1894 to 1923 genocide perpetrated by the Turkish successive governments in Armenia

Western. »

– The conference will recall the systematic extermination of the Armenian people in the process

Western Armenia and Turkey;

– The conference will recall the legal obligations of Turkey, the United States and

international bodies towards the Armenian people and towards Armenia


– The conference will develop the new challenges and issues that come before the people

Armenian Western Armenia, as part of its national reconstruction, and

strategic enforcement mechanisms, legal, and political on the basis of a

State structure.

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