The historical building of the historical Kapan Railway Station, built in 1932, will soon be transformed into the Tumo Center. Remaining true to its approaches, the Tumo Center for Creative Technologies continues to expand its program in historically valuable buildings. 

“It is symbolic that the center will be built in a building with architectural value and a special history. Of course, it is much easier to build a new building than to repair the old one,”however, it is very important to give us a new spirit and  a new life,” said Marie Lou Papazian, Executive Director of Tumo Center. 

The center reports that the reconstruction and preparation of the building is planned to be completed in 2023, after which the center will open its doors to more than 1,000 young people living in Kapan and neighboring communities. 

Tumo Educational Center will be in the Syunik Region before the renovation of the building is completed. In the coming weeks, a Tumo box will be installed in Kapan, which after the operation of the center will be transported to another community of the region.