There are still villages in Akhalkalak where people are forced to live without any essential conditions. The villages of Apnia and Gogashen belong to these villages. These villages have similar problems, so it seems they have put up with the conditions. Among them are the bad condition of the roads and the lack of transport.

Residents are also concerned about the issue of water. In addition to the lack of irrigation water, people do not even have drinking water in their homes. And the most important problem is the lack of gasification. There is no gas in villages, so people use firewood to heat the house.

Unemployment is also a painful problem in the village. Young people who receive higher education do not want to return to the village, because there are no jobs in the village. As for the school, it also has many problems, for example, there is no gym, and students are limited to playing chess in classrooms, and it is possible to play outside only in warm weather.