During a briefing with journalists , Deputy Minister of Territorial Administration Armen Simonyan said : “The road infrastructure today is being brought to a level that meets international standards. The changes that we have made and are now announcing competitions for the selection of regular route operators will allow us to modernize the rolling stock”. The Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Transport detailed exactly which routes are in question. “In terms of railways, the directions are clearly defined. one of them is from Yeraskh to Nakhichevan, the other is the direction passing through the southern section, we have a direction that goes to Georgia, and we have another one that goes to occupied Western Armenia. Specifically with Nakhichevan, we have routes in the direction of Yeraskh and Meghri. At this stage, routes and processes of crossing the border are being discussed, there is no clarity yet. We are talking about transit traffic. We will have a connection with Russia, with Iran through Nakhichevan, this will be unblocking,” said Ministry of Territorial Administration Deputy Minister Armen Simonyan. 

It should be noted that this illegal blockade has been used by neighboring states for more than a hundred years, violating the sovereignty of Western Armenia. Western Armenia, closely following the events in the region, strictly condemns this latest encroachment.