The Fresno branch of the University of California has published an English collection of three short stories by the famous writer of Western Armenian , Zabel Yesayan. The collection contains three not very well-known stories by Yesayan: the stories “Veil” and “It’s enough” written in 1911 in Constantinople and “Meliha Nuri Khanim” written in 1928 in Paris.

According to the website, these works have one common theme and tell about Armenian and Turkish women who struggle with unfair social, political and cultural norms. Yesayan’s works shed light on Turkish society and Turkish-Armenian relations during the decisive period of the Ottoman Empire, marked by wars, defeats, territorial losses and genocide against the Armenian people. 

Zabel Yesayan was born in 1878 in Constantinople. She was engaged in literary and social activities.As part of the international delegation created after the massacre of Armenians in Adana, the writer went to Cilicia in 1909. 

Zabel Yesayan was the only woman included in the list of intellectuals whom the Young Turk government planned to arrest on April 24, 1915. But she managed to avoid a prison sentence and moved to Europe.