Spiritual Pastor Rene Leonia, having written these words, was in Armenia for a humanitarian and spiritual mission, where heavy fighting took place on November 17, “From the very beginning of my journey, I had the opportunity to meet numerous people, including several church communities, who do great work for the clergy. I also got acquainted with numerous families in difficulties, especially those who were deported from Artsakh after the war unleashed by Azerbaijan in 2020. I met these displaced families in Armenia in the Syunik Region.

Heavy fights took place on November 17. Azerbaijanis illegally crossed the border and are still occupying part of the territory of Armenia near the village of Ishkhanasar. The fighting was so heavy that all the children of the village were taken to safe places, for example, to the city of Sisian, where a branch of ”the Hope for Armenia” Christian Humanitarian Union operates. During conversations with adults, we felt their fear and the atmosphere of general insecurity.

Armenia is very fragile today. Last year’s war caused enormous damage – thousands of victims and severe injuries. Not to mention the loss of territories in Artsakh and tens of thousands of refugees and displaced people living in Armenia. To this should be added political instability within the country and insecurity at the borders.

This autumn war of 2020, Azerbaijan, with the support of Turkey, showed unprecedented inhumanity. Unfortunately, the Armenians of Armenia and Artsakh turned out to be lonely, abandoned by everyone, especially by the West. This Armenia, where the world’s first Christian people live, has again suffered a martyr’s death. Back in 1915, the Turkish authorities organized and carried out the first genocide of the 20th century against Armenians. Today Armenia is in danger again. Tomorrow may be too late.

Thank you to everyone who mobilizes in France and Europe for the benefit of Armenia, its children and their families. 

Let’s continue to pray for Armenia and Artsakh. May God grant peace. 

Anyway, we will be confident and full of hope. 

Hope of Armenia is a member of the ASAH team.”