The fate of Armenia, especially Western Armenia, is the most tragic and saddest, as the Armenian people have endured all kinds of pressures and humiliations. However, we know little about this eastern country, which has often changed its size and name as a result of changes in foreign rule.  If we know little about Armenia, we are not familiar with the Armenian nation, with its deep, dark-eyed brunette and green-eyed blond looks, whose beauty is world famous. Armenian women are hardworking, curious and sensitive. 

Few novels and magazines have been written about this country, its mountains and nature, but even less has been written about the flowers that live there, which come into life from the feet of the goddess Anahit. Armenia au féminin will correct this omission. Awakening the generative forces of nature, it is said that in the Armenian methodology she was the goddess of fertility, birth, beauty and water (from memory). But she was also the goddess of war, accompanying her son Mitra. She and Aramazd have always been one of the two main figures of the Armenian pantheon. 

The Great Diana of Ephesus (Anahid, pronounced the other way around), as it was once said. According to the authors, her worship was very widespread in Western Armenia, as evidenced by numerous temples dedicated to her, especially in the area of the main sanctuary of Erza (Yerznka). So, it all started with Anahit. It is quite natural that today, with the right patronage, Anahit continues to go her own way, her fragrant breath spreads throughout France and around the world. Finally, I would like to thank Lea Tov Beton and Serge Benich, who have accompanied me since the first day.


President and founder of the magazine “Anahide”