There are several issues on the agenda for December 8, 2021.

The first point

Observation of the continuous division of the Armenian territories, which is taking place exactly as it happened 100 years ago, the conquest of the Armenian territories by the genocide program.

After the ancestral territories of Western Armenia and Nakhichevan, the division also reached Artsakh and Syunik. The Government of Western Armenia reminds that Artsakh and Syunik are an integral part of the Armenian territories and their occupation began long ago. International law has already made a decision for Western Armenia, whose western border has already been determined, and the eastern border should be determined in accordance with article 92 of the Treaty of Sevres.

In this regard, we call on the countries to support the realization of the acquired rights of the Armenian people, that is, the enforcement of the arbitration decision of President Woodrow Wilson, the withdrawal of all Turkish forces from the Armenian territories that were recognized 100 years ago.

The Government of Western Armenia recalls the commitment of these countries, in particular, France, which 100 years ago declared its loyalty to the Armenian state, that is, the recognition of Western Armenia by signing the Sevres Peace Treaty. The Government of Western Armenia expects these states to fulfill their obligations by preserving the legitimate rights of the Armenian people to live on their ancestral territory. Any document signed by several parties, which today attributes to them the right to decide the future of the Armenian people, is useless without the consent of the Government of Western Armenia.

The Government of Western Armenia also reminds that the Minsk Group cannot meet without the participation of Western Armenia, the main interested party in the continuation of the existence of the Armenian state recognized in 1920. We remind you that the Armenian diplomacy of Western Armenia has already proved itself during the second war unleashed by Azerbaijan against Artsakh and now confirms its statement: the expulsion of Azerbaijan and Turkey from international platforms for war crimes, crimes against humanity, violation of sovereign territories, prohibited weapons, illegal detention of prisoners, non-compliance with the Charter of the United Nations, non-compliance with the rulings of the European Court of Human Rights.

In particular, the Government of Western Armenia condemns the blackmail of the exchange of prisoners of war for the disclosure of strategic information. This cynical practice strengthens the position of Western Armenia regarding the exclusion of these terrorist entities.

The second point

The Government of Western Armenia calls for the general mobilization of Armenian forces in the context when Turkey’s attacks continue under the cover of its Azerbaijani ally. The existence of the Armenian people is connected with the protection of its entire territory. This was understood by the eyewitnesses of the first Turkish-Azerbaijani aggression against the territory of Artsakh and the sons of Western Armenia, voluntarily liberating their lands under the command of Leonid Azgaldyan. The victorious struggle waged by the sons of Western Armenia several decades ago is consonant with the image of the Armenian warrior, which was embedded in his essence. The same struggle was waged 100 years ago by the sons of Western Armenia in the Eastern Legion and liberated Cilicia. The same victorious struggle is expected for the sons of Western Armenia for the return of the Armenian Shushi, and the children of Western Armenia know that this legendary rock is impassable for the enemy. The spirit of inattention is alien to the children of Western Armenia, and that is why they are now on the front line to ensure the security of the Armenian territories. The call for general mobilization came into force on November 16, 2021.

A further statement will be made shortly.

Thank you.

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