After a 50-year pause in Karmir Bloor, periodic excavations began several months ago on the territory adjacent to the citadel. Deputy Director of the Historical and Archaeological Museum-Reserve “Erebuni”, former head of the branch Karmir Bloor Vahe Sargsyan says as follows․ “In the spring on the Karmir Bloor after the rain we noticed the walls built on the wet ground. It became clear that we are dealing with the structure of the Urartian period.” This is the only such monumental structure opened in Armenia.

The architectural plan of the territory and the proximity directly to the castle gate suggest to experts that they are dealing with an Armenian medieval caravan-houses of 2650 years. During the excavations on the territory, fragments of ceramics and animal remains were also found. The new excavations open a new page in the history of Karmir Bloor to reveal the history before and after the Urartian period and present to the world the rich heritage of our country.