Hello dear readers of the magazine “Hay Dersim”. We sincerely welcome all of you to the presentation of the first issue of our magazine. “Hay Dersim” began his life with a clear position against all kinds of genocides and mass killings. It will continue the same way. A genocide was committed against many peoples of our region. When people talk about genocide, it is necessary not only to remember the mass murders committed against people, it is also necessary to remember the interference in the language, culture, faith, traditions and customs of these peoples, every step taken to destroy them is part of the genocide, it is its continuation.

The cultural and art magazine “Hay Dersim”, which is part of the Armenian Dersim Platform, seeks to prevent the recurrence of these genocides, protect, register and restore the legacy of the past. As Dersim Armenians, friends of Dersim Armenians, we decided to unite around the ”Dersim Hay” platform and become one. Our goal is to promote ethnic Armenian identity, cultural life and self-expression in Dersim through cultural activities, strengthening ties with the Armenians of Western Armenia all over the world.

We want Armenians living in Europe, America, Russia and France to come to Dersim as home, as they visit Armenia and Artsakh. We hope that all our friends who have information and documents will share their knowledge with us and support us in this matter.

Those who had to leave these lands were neighbors of our ancestors. It is our neighborly duty to protect their memories and what they have left. Because their grandchildren live in different parts of the world without a homeland. 

Our friends, who are more than eleven million from Dersim, Vanna, Tigranakert, Masha, Marasha, Karina, etc., know the names of their ancestral villages, but have never seen these places. They are citizens of the countries in which they live. They know that they have a homeland here, but they have no legal right to live on this land. We can invite these people here if we work in the right direction. We can let them set foot on these lands where their ancestors lived. We know that there are no problems between nations. With this faith, we will fulfill our duty to the brotherhood of nations.