The largest lake in Western Armenia, Lake Van, continues to dry up due to drought, which is unprecedented compared to recent years. Compared to previous years, along with precipitation, a decrease in temperature and an increase in evaporation, there is a serious decrease in the water level in Lake Van, exceeding 2 kilometers. Professor of the Geography Department of the Literary Faculty of the Centennial University of Van  Doctor  Faruk Alae ddinoglu said the following about Lake Van. “The drying of the lake will also affect tarekh, which is an endemic species of fish. If this continues, it will lead to the disappearance of the entire number of fish in the rivers.

As we see, the places that were once “bird paradises” have dried up. This situation will lead to the disappearance of the living population. This will affect the entire ecosystem. If water consumption is not managed, there may be a shortage of drinking water in the pool”.