The Metsamor Museum-Reserve will host the international conference “Metsamor Readings-2”, which is attended by historians and archeologists from Poland, Austria, Georgia, Russia and Kazakhstan. Addressing the issues discussed at the conference, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor Ashot Piliposyan noted: “Metsamor is an ancient settlement of the Bronze-Iron period, a settlement and a mausoleum. And it is so important that the whole culture of the Bronze Age, early Iron, is called Lchashen-Metsamorets. Of course, most of the reports are devoted especially to the great excavations of 2017-2021, the work of the Armenian-Polish international archeological expedition. 

But in addition, we have many reports that will make the conference more generalized”. He also said that the conference will include a demonstration of unique samples of gold objects, which presents gold objects or valuable objects discovered during excavations from the 1980s to 2021.