Located in Sebastia in Western Armenia and being the only example of a lake, the historical hill  Plr was robbed by treasure hunters. It is assumed that the hill got its name from the Armenian word “blur”. Lake Hafik, located in the province of Sebastia of the same name, is home to many species of animals. And the hill on the lake attracts special attention and admires visitors with its natural beauty. 

As a result of research, it turned out that it dates back to the Neolithic and Bronze Ages. The first ruins of lake houses were discovered in 1944 during archeological excavations. The remains of lake houses are under water. The hill has been a place of frequent visits by treasure seekers  for some time, now it is under protection, as a specially protected area has been declared. Over time, treasure hunters destroyed this place and found something precious. Recently, the hill was again in the same condition.