Urfa of Western Armenia is very rich in its crafts, many of which in this city had the antiquity of centuries and reached the highest level of skill. The wealth and high development of crafts were also due to the geographical location of the city, Urfa was located at the crossroads of different trade routes. It is impossible to imagine the employment and professionalism of Armenians in a few lines. We briefly present the role of the Armenians of Urfa in the craft of life. The crafts of Urfa were mainly owned by local Armenians, their skills and knowledge are due to the fame of the handicraft industries of this city. These crafts included restoration, Basmanny production, painting, porter, shoe making, copper production, jewelry and many other specialties. Basmadjian is a printing business, that is, a craftsman engraved multicolored portraits on wooden forms, then printed them on white canvases. Then all these actions were performed manually. All this developed rapidly until 1915.

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