We quote parts from the post made by publicist Marie Barseghyan-Khanjyan in “Hraparak” daily newspaper. “Doctors and academicians of our historians seem to be busy only holding scientific councils and defending dissertations in order to increase their scientific degree.

Meanwhile, the Caucasian Tatars, who have become neighbors with us by historical misunderstanding, that is, the ethnonym was given by the father of the Soviet peoples, Stalin, an Azerbaijani, have become so impudent by the inaction of our scientists and, why not, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Armenia, that they are already encroaching on the alphabet of Haikots created by our holly Mesrop Mashtots.”

In 2013, a video of corresponding member of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan Farida Mammadova appeared on the Internet, in which this remnant of Seljuq, who became a scientist, said: “According to scientific discoveries, they left no stone unturned.” Considering the works of our historians to be fake, she even called the medieval Armenian historian Kirakos Gandzaketsi and the author of the “Judicial Book” Mkhitar Gosh Azerbaijanis. She said that the Cilician Armenian kingdom is a state created by the Aghvan princes, which we Armenians, also appropriated for ourselves and only thanks to her indisputable scientific facts, it was discovered… No more, no less …

I wrote an article against the fake of this scientist, which was published in the newspaper “Irates de facto” in 2013. The article got  a wide response from readers. I was sure that after the publication of the article there would be a scientific response from the institutes of history, language, and law institutes of the RA Academy of Sciences. But…

One day I showed this article to a researcher from the Institute of Iranian Studies of the National Academy of Sciences, and he was surprised to know that I had just learned about Farida Mammadova. It turns out that for 20 years she has been engaged in the distortion, falsification and Azerbaijanization of our history, culture and historical territories.

During this time, Farida became an academician, and according to the magnificent books published by her, she became a corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan. And this is a consequence of the indifference of our national academy – national values – history, culture, historical territories and even the nationality of Armenian historians – remain unprotected.

The Armenian scientist then said that the Iranian Academy of Sciences applied to our Institute of Iranian Studies so that our scientists could prove the fact that the great Persian poet and philosopher Nizami Ganji was a Persian impartial scientist. I don’t know whether our scientists have fulfilled this request or not, but one thing is clear: Azerbaijan is ready to turn even the Chinese Empire into Azerbaijan with its petrodollars.

The reason for writing this article was the new persecution by the Azerbaijanis of our sacred alphabet and its creator Mesrop Mashtots. An Azerbaijani female scientist “proves” that Mesrop Mashtots did not create our alphabet, but simply stole the Ethiopian letters, preserved their appearance, changed the sound and presented the entire alphabet.

Senseless, I would say, anti-scientific, anti-historical, anti-Armenian theses about the creation of the Armenian alphabet become a trump card in the hands of our opponents. Let’s recall the hypotheses: native Armenians or newcomers, Urartian Armenians or not, is Urartu an Armenian state? Are Bagratuni Jews or Armenians? Are Artsruni Assyrians or Armenians? There are many other issues that distort not only the history of our royal dynasties, but also the existence of the Armenian people as a historical nation in world history.

Some peoples use all this very cleverly and purposefully, they have ousted us, the Armenians, along with our political and civilizational history from the world historiography. There is information in Armenian historiography that Movses Khorenatsi’s “History of Armenia” consisted of four chapters, but only three chapters have come down to us. Who, when, why destroyed the fourth chapter, what is written in it?

Why not put forward a hypothesis that in the following centuries the writer who copied the history of Khorenatsi distorted the historian and attributed it to the Armenian kings of foreign origin?

After all, the root of Bagratuni is Bagh, has Aryan origin and means god, and the name Artsruni is mentioned in the so-called Urartian inscriptions. Thus, we can list false hypotheses that deprive us of our historical past.

During the spread of Christianity, everything in our history and culture was destroyed by the hand of our recklessness and with the help of unknown forces. By the way, in Ancient Greece, after the adoption of Christianity, not a single monument or book was destroyed, and Armenia and the Armenian people were expelled from world historiography, the Armenian people were considered an alien, and their culture was ignored. By the way, the German archeologist Heinrich Schliemann wrote: “The misfortune of Europe is that it has accepted Greece as the basis of civilization, and not Armenia.”

Schliemann also had some arguments.

Dear historians, academicians-doctors of the Institute of History of the National Academy of Sciences, honorary academicians-Doctors of the Institute of Language, distinguished scientists, honored historians of all public and private universities of Armenia, do you study and teach linguistics?

What language alphabet do you present as the Armenian alphabet to our generations if, with our unforgivable, short-sighted tolerance, the tribe that has become our neighbor and has a well-known historical past is so “educated” today that it distorts our history and culture in order to justify its own.

Are you not responsible to our people and history ? Every Armenian, especially an Armenian scientist, should bear moral responsibility to his country and people, whom he serves not only by his will, but also by written and unwritten laws of the highest morality.

Keep the door closed so that thieves don’t rob your house…

Mari Barseghyan-Khanjyan