Tigran Abrahamyan writes on his Facebook page. In order to promote the idea of the corridor, Azerbaijan actually resorted to a new form of blackmail, trying to return the issue of the “Lachin corridor” to the discussion stage. It should be noted that so far, in order to obtain a corridor, Azerbaijan has returned the issue of the Goris-Kapan road to the discussion zone, threatening that if the corridor is not provided, it will establish checkpoints on this road and on the Kapan-Chakaten road. In the end, Azerbaijani checkpoints were placed, and the road was closed for Armenia. 

The facts show that Azerbaijan has put the topic of the “Lachin corridor” linking Armenia with Artsakh on the agenda and threatens to implement dangerous changes if its demands are not implemented. Azerbaijan directly threatens to place a checkpoint on the section of the “Lachin corridor”, which will bring catastrophic consequences.