The issue of the status of Artsakh is a priority not only for Western Armenia, it cannot be considered closed by war and it is impossible to talk about strong stability without a settlement. About this in an interview “To the Voice of America” said the former co-chair of the OSCE Minsk Group from the United States, retired Ambassador James Warlick. “I think the Minsk Group co-chairs continue to play an important role in resolving this issue. I know that Russia has taken a lot of issues into its own hands, however, I am sure that the Co-Chairs, the OSCE and the United States should step up and promote the settlement of this universal problem once and for all. Only in this case will we achieve stability in the region,” the former OSCE Minsk Group Co-chair said. 

Daniel Shapiro, a US analyst working in Armenia, also agrees with the former American diplomat. In his opinion, after the 44-day war, the West dropped out of the processes in the South Caucasus, the final reflection of which was the 3 + 2 format, which leaves Armenia alone with Turkey, Azerbaijan, Russia and Iran that do not share its interests.