At the beginning of 1912, the Catholicos of All Armenians assured Bogos Nubar Pasha in European cabinets and public opinion coverage about the need for reforms under Russian control in Turkish Armenia, but did not bring the issue to the London Conference.

The Security Committee was created in 1912 when the Armenian question was reopened. The members of the commission were the prominent Armenian intellectuals of Istanbul.

On December 21, 1912, the Armenian National Assembly in Constantinople decided to raise the Armenian question at a conference of ambassadors to be held in London. The main objective of the committee’s activity was to draw up a reform program, which was to be discussed openly during negotiations with representatives of the European powers. The documents and information released by the commission aimed to present the horrific massacres that took place in Western Armenia, reveal the needs of Armenians and develop measures to address them. The work and existence of the commission should have been as secret as possible.

The Security Committee, avoiding open activity, supported and informed the Catholicos through letters about the real situation of Western Armenians.