We present the words of Deputy Gegham Nazaryan: “The people are happy, even excited, even with tears in their eyes. And no one asked …

I know you’ll say that I’m not happy about anything, I see bad things in everything, but you’re wrong. I rejoice when Victories are real, and not in a mousetrap. I was happy about our real victories, and I would really like us to always take the last place in this competition, if only the guys were next to us, Shushi was ours, over Kapan and Goris was not a Turk… The naive will say, wouldn’t we have won if Shushi had been ours?..

Rejoice! Continue to rejoice at the naive people who have united their self-destruction mechanism.

Answer: In fact, Abgars and Haykazs, Davids and Gevorgs, Shiraks and Karens, Arams and Mkhitarists were the obstacles that prevented the little Azerbaijani singer from hugging the Armenian singer.Oh my  naive people.”