Sofya Hakobyan is the author of the book “Sasun: 100-year Resistance”. On Sputnik Armenia’s “Artbox” program, Turkologist, journalist and researcher on the issues of Armenians living in Turkey Sofya Hakobyan spoke about the Armenian-Turkish non-state relations, the term “Western Armenia”, stereotypes and myths rooted in our society.

“In terms of the number of Christian and Islamized Armenians, places of residence, various directions of migration, religion and national identity, language, very little has been done, and there is a lot of work in this field,” Hakobyan said.

It should be noted once again that Sofya Hakobyan is the author of the book “Sasun: 100-year Resistance”, which tells about the Arabic-speaking, Kurdish-speaking and Armenian-speaking Armenians who still remain in the mountains of Sasun, about resistance, hope and loneliness, modern perceptions of identity, as well as about modern Sasun.