The Institute of Molecular Biology of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia conducted a comparative analysis of the oldest and modern DNA samples of the Armenian Highlands and the Balkans. This is reported by the information and analytical service of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia. This analysis showed that Armenians differ from the ancient and modern population of the Balkans, denying the “Balkan version”, which is considered one of the prevailing theories in historiography about the origin of the Armenian people. 

The research is aimed at restoring the genetic continuity of the population of the Armenian Highlands, mapping the Armenian gene and carrying out in cooperation with the Universities of Cambridge, Copenhagen, Tartu, as well as the Russian Academy of Sciences. Information proving the indigenous origin of Armenians in the Armenian Highlands is a valuable source for Armenian scholars dealing with the issues of the ethnogenesis of Armenians, the origin and development of Armenian culture and language.