The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan, through official diplomatic channels, appealed to Google with a request to abandon the use of Armenian names of territories that came under Baku’s control as a result of the 44-day war in Artsakh, the head of the press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Leyla Abdullayeva said.

According to RIA Novosti, the names of the Artsakh cities and districts controlled by Azerbaijan are currently indicated in Azerbaijani and Armenian in the Google Maps application. Western Armenia, being against such actions, wants to emphasize that it’s not the first time Azerbaijan grossly violates international laws. This country once again proves its occupation and genocidal policy by unacceptable encroachments on Artsakh and the Armenian people in general. Let’s hope that justice will prevail, and the Armenian toponyms of Artsakh will remain unchanged in the Google Maps application.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Western Armenia will submit a corresponding letter to Google.