The oldest Armenian daily “Zhamanak”, published in Constantinople, celebrated its 114th anniversary with a sad editorial. The newspaper reports that it is in a difficult financial situation and faces the threat of closure.

Over the last year means Newspapers are less reduced, the administration and the editorial staff have strongly delayed the raising of anxiety, but are now forced to resort to the help – the situation is critical. Deepening in the recent economic crisis in Turkey, as well as a decline in interest, to the printing press affected the activities of the newspaper. The most important episodes of the life of the Armenians living in Western Armenia occupied for more than a century, the most important principle of the activity of the Republic of Armenia and the publication covering the key developments of the Armenians-independence.

Editor of the newspaper “Zhamanak” Ara Gochunyan is sure that although the print press is gradually losing its importance, objective and accurate information will always be in demand. The editor hopes that “Zhamanak” will continue its mission for centuries to come.