The Verin Horatagh community of Artsakh’s Martakert region has 622 residents. All the residents have returned after the war. The head of the community Grisha Martirosyan told “Artsakhpress”.   

“15 displaced families have settled in the village. The school has 116 students, but there is a need to build a new building. We do not have a kindergarten, but we have about 103 preschool children. The community has a hall and an aid station. We do not have a ceremony hall. 

The village is provided with electricity; it is not gasified. We have a water problem. A new water line must be built. During the war, 1 house in the village suffered partial damage. It is planned to be renovated in the near future,” said G. Martirosyan. Referring to the employment of the residents, our interlocutor informed us that the main directions are agriculture and cattle-breeding.