On the Matenadaran’s Facebook page it is written: The work of “Ani and Anetsians” by the deputy director of the Matenadaran for the scientific part, Karen Matevosyan, has been published.

In the history of medieval Armenia, Ani played an extremely important role not only as the political and spiritual center of the country, in the Bagratunyats district there is a cathedral, but also a first-class place for the development of urban life, economy, crafts and trade, culture and art. The book consists of two parts: the first is devoted to the history of the city, culture, inclusion of the city, monasteries and fortresses adjacent to Ani. The second part is dedicated to Ani-from members of the royal family and aristocratic tribes to a Big City. It should be noted that in 2016 Ani was included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List, which increased interest in it. Therefore, a new study and presentation of the historical, cultural, and civilizational role of Ani is very important.