A meeting of the residents of Shushi and Shushi Community Union took place in the church of St. Grigor Lusavorich. After participating in the liturgy, the daily problems of Shushi residents, the problems facing them, in particular, the issues of ensuring their place of residence, obtaining refugee status, were discussed. A decision was made to document the recruitment of Shushi residents so that a proper demand could be submitted to the government at the state level to provide housing to Shushi residents, to grant them refugee status, to provide solutions to socio-economic problems, and to create a community.

    Thus, dear Shushi residents, our compatriots, keep in touch with each other, pass on information about the upcoming process to each other and, of course, with us, so that you can list all Shushi residents in full and start the process as soon as possible. Our other compatriots who are not indifferent to the problems facing Shushi residents and the most important issues left by the indifference of the government, we call on you to provide your assistance in support of our compatriots.