162 years ago, on December 28, 1856, the 28th President of the United States (1913-1921), Nobel Peace Prize laureate (1919), professor of law at Princeton University (1890-1902), and then rector (1902-1910), outstanding international lawyer, historian and political scientist Woodrow Thomas Wilson (Wilson) was born. Wilson is known to the Armenian society mainly as the author of the “Wilson Arbitration Award” dated November 22, 1920, which determined the issues of the border between Turkey and Armenia, Armenia’s access to the sea and the demilitarization of the Turkish territory adjacent to the Armenian border, based on the decision of the Paris Peace Assembly of 1919, consolidating the results of the First World War.

Wilson is also one of the founders of the League of Nations (the prototype of the UN), as well as one of the creators of the post-war military-political axis Washington-Versailles as part of the “Big Four” together with the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom David Lloyd George, the Prime Minister of the French Republic Georges Clemenceau and the Prime Minister of Italy Vittorio Emmanuel Orlando.

Wilson’s image is also notable for the fact that he was the creator of the American Federal Reserve System (FRS), for which he received extremely contradictory assessments during his lifetime. On the one hand, in commemoration of this event and as a kind of tribute, the FRS USA in 1934 specially issued the largest bill with Wilson’s image-the Golden Certificate (not in free circulation, but used only in interbank transactions) with a nominal value of $ 100,000. On the other hand, conspiracy theorists accuse Wilson of the same, believing that he acted on the orders of his adviser, the well-known and extremely influential Baruch family (founder and owners of Standard Chartered Banks) of the then “patriarch”, prominent Zionist Bernard Manes Baruch, thereby creating a private financial structure independent of the US Congress and the government with monopoly and uncontrolled powers to issue US dollars. Despite everything, Woodrow Wilson deserves to be remembered, especially by the Armenians