What prospects has a new process of normalization of Armenian-Turkish relations, what are the risks and benefits Armenia can get going into this process? In the framework of the discussions on this topic academician of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia, Turkologist Ruben Safrastyan, in particular, said․ The “new Armenian-Turkish process can be successful only in one case if Turkey under pressure from the US, Russia and France to recognize the Genocide of Armenian people. Turkey demands a very high price from us to normalize relations. We should raise the following question at the very beginning of the negotiation process, what is the biggest concession from us when we agree to negotiate with a state that continues the  Genocide of Armenian people in the Ottoman Empire. The issue of genocide, the issue of the Kars Treaty, (according to the fact, against the issue of the Treaty of Sevres and Western Armenia) and the issue of Artsakh are part of our modern identity. If we make fundamental concessions on these issues, it will mean that we are giving up part of our identity. To do this, we must be adamant in these fundamental issues, we must not make any concessions. And there may be compromises in other issues.”