“We want to tell you about Armenian Shushi, about a very beautiful and glorious city , which is one of the rare countries… But our journalistic narrative will be devoid of grief, crying, sad sighs, pain in the heart of an Armenian, because grief, especially in this case and bearing in mind the experience of our history, is far from sanity. Our honor is, first of all, the worship of Shushi, because many in Armenia have not even understood and do not realize that this is an eternal myth about our belonging… Our honor is a small hope and belief that Shushi will certainly return to the arms of his native mother – the Armenian Artsakh, because the irresistible power of the Lord is with us… Our honor is a modest desire to avenge Shushi for lawlessness and liberate the holy city from the violator …”

These lines are written with a restless heartbeat “Syunyats World. cultural” quarterly periodical, which next prompts the reader what treasures we have left.