30 years ago, 1991, following the results of the elections held on December 28, the legislative body of the newly created Republic, the Supreme Council, was formed, which at its first meeting on January 6, 1992 adopted the declaration of independence of the Artsakh Republic, based on the right of the people to self-determination, relying on the free will of the people of the Artsakh Republic. Azerbaijan responded to the declaration of independence with three wars. The survival and salvation of the Armenian people, who fought at the crossroads of history, has always been conditioned by the unity of the Armenians. With our way of life and perseverance, we must stand up for the protection of the Motherland that is fateful for us and consistently fight for the protection of our rights. Our will and goals are unwavering and are not subject to cession. We call on all Armenians to unite, mutual understanding and tolerance. Department of Information and Public Relations of the National Assembly of the Republic of Artsakh.