SEBASTIA PROVINCE, Sebastia vilayet, Rumi Eyalet, Sebastia province: administrative unit in Western Armenia, in the territory of historical Poqr Hayk, mainly in the basin of Gayl, Iris and Halis rivers. The administrative center is Sebastia. The relief of Sebastia is mountainous. Three mountain ranges stretch from west to east: Dzhaniki (in the north), South Taurus and Nerkin Taurus, the large rivers Khalis, Iris and Wolf flow. There are almost all kinds of coniferous trees. The climate of the state is diverse: in the north and east, where the height of the mountains reaches 1500 and more, the winter is long and harsh. The territory of Sebastia is rich in minerals (copper, coal, marble, etc.). There are various mineral springs (jermuki). The territory of Sebastia has been the cradle of Armenian tribes since ancient times.