The so-called football diplomacy has never stopped, even after the Second Artsakh War, Erdogan and Aliyev hoped for Pashinyan to continue the fragmentation of Western Armenia and trampling on the rights of the Armenians. Erdogan’s request to Pashinyan to approve in writing the requirements imposed on Yerevan regarding the development of a roadmap by May 2022 is proof of this. These requirements are as follows․

– Refusal of demands to Western Armenia

– Changing positions in the assessment of the events of 1915.

The ball is now in the field of the descendants of the survivors of the Genocide of Armenian people, and they have to make a decision. We want to remind you that Western Armenia has its own state, its own government, its own parliament and its own president. Pashinyan has no legitimacy to make decisions on behalf of Western Armenia and Armenians all over the world, citizens of Western Armenia.

However, the Armenian society of Western Armenia must stand on its feet today and, in order to strengthen the legitimate demands of the Armenians of Western Armenia, make their voice heard through the media, social networks and demonstrations. The Erdogan Prize for the genocide crime demanded by Pashinyan, the denial of Armenian lands and rights of Armenians will not succeed if the descendants of the survivors of the Genocide of Armenian people join Western Armenia and its President Armenag Aprahamian.